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Below is a short Q & A and a brief overview of Forex Robot Trading, or Expert Advisor (EA) Trading. We offer valuable services to individuals passionate about trading forex using EA and promote a good and legitimate online global forex brokerage firm. 

The Team is an affiliate partner of the said brokerage firm. Our Team is composed of different nationalities in Europe and Asia that unite and study a specific Expert Advisor or EA by performing a backtest, demo test, and forward test to verify the EA’s behavior on buy and sell, accuracy, and profitability.  

Expert Advisor (EA) is more effective when one adjusts the settings; ability to test the EA consistently with good results, the spread of the forex broker, capital, and risk setting. In addition, there are various configurations of the EAs, such as the low-risk, moderate-risk, and high-risk setup. Generally, the safety of the account also depends on the proper money management and risk assessment.

What is an EA?

An expert advisor is a computer program that automates forex trading. The forex market is open in the world 24 hours a day, five days a week, from Mondays to Fridays. You can use an expert advisor or a trading tool called a “forex robot” to carry out trades in your absence.  

All about Forex and Signals

There is an option if one prefers to use manual forex trading with guidance from the Expert. Our Team has partnered with Instacapital who provides effective forex signals on when to buy and sell. Here is the background of the trader Alex in this link.


A hybrid trader is a trader who uses EA and combined with manual trading. To ensure a perfect match and hassle-free trading, an effective signal provider offers this solution. Pls contact admin@eaforexglobal.com if you are interested to avail the forex signals from Mr Alex. There will be free EA if you are interested to become a hybrid trader.

Am I qualified to Use the EA if I don’t have an experience on forex trading?

This forex robot trading is open to an individual who has an interest in the forex market. However, if one has no idea about forex trading, you can contact customer support, who will guide you and answer questions related to the details of the forex robot trading. In addition, an online meeting may be required to conduct a short orientation about forex robot trading.

We install the EA file to our VPS. The Team will also help and monitor and guide you to ensure the robot trades consistently according to our settings.

Our Services
We provide the following services:
    1. Promote EA Forex Trading worldwide through its sound, legitimate, and genuine online brokerage firm, with due consideration of the risks involved and proper money management and risk assessment.

    2. To assist and guide the interested individuals or so-called newbie EA traders to ensure profitability with calculated risks.

    3. There is no guarantee on monthly profits. However, our Team will exert efforts that our EAs are more profitable based on our series of testing, historical data with an average of 3% to 10% a month. Furthermore, we provide good services to the individuals on their EA requirements at a very affordable price.

    4. Assist in the monitoring and guidance on the long-term profitability of the accounts. We focus on the long-term with consistent small profits than short-term high profits with an increased risk of blow up on the funds.

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This website contains some information and personal opinion of the author, aside from the relevant facts of the EAs based on assessment. This may not be suitable for all investors and traders.  Forex trading involves risks, and it is possible to lose all invested capital due to market uncertainties. Therefore, interested individuals need to understand the risks involved and how to mitigate them.