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Smart WK2 EA is a smart strategy with ENHANCED SETTINGS to differentiate the original EA and to improve profitability. The EA will not make a series of open trades. It is limited trades only and will recover via grid systems and various indicators to ensure it will close with profits. This auto trading software will have SL and TP which will automatically recalculate and adjust the Target Price if the floating increases and will make limited open trade near the support or resistance, with the combination of various indicators that also depends on the EA orders. This is not paired to USD to prevent too high volatility. The EA also has a feature to break even at a certain level of orders to ensure it will not make a high drawdown. This is also tested for more than 5 years but settings are re-adjusted and enhanced to be called “Smart WK2”. It is Smart EA and whether you like it or not, it will give you a profit. 🤑

Smart WK2 can be used in XM or ICM low spread. The lesser the spread, the better for this EA.

Historical data show that the said EA is giving you 5% to 10% a month. It is not guaranteed but so far, the EA has never failed to give profits!

For ICM raw standard, sign up here:   http://icmarkets.com/?camp=65418


EA is an acronym for Expert Advisor. It is an auto-trading software that automatically trades forex in your behalf with the use of various indicators and strategies. Usually, the profit rate is 5% to 10% a month but not guaranteed. Please check the attached proof of EA performance:

  1. Click to register

https://bit.ly/3cvaXIK and proceed to item 3

  1. If you have an existing XM account, click the link in item 1 and log in to the existing account. Make an additional account and proceed to item 4
  1. Confirm your email and identity to verify your account. Upload IDs to get verified.
  1. Open MT4 under Ultra Low Standard Account (XM) with Leverage 1:500.
  1. Please send us the screenshot of your MT4 ID#.
  1. We will check if you are connected to our IB link.
  1. Pay an affordable monthly VPS Fee (can recover profit of EA in few days)
  1. We will set-up the EA by providing MT4 details.
  1. Please join our Telegram group for fast response https://t.me/eaforexglobal and contact @ZeusForexTrader (via Telegram)
  1. Good luck and happy trading.

⭐️Smart WK2 EA⭐️

We have been using this EA for more than one (1) year already especially those pioneers. There are also new accounts that are profitable as described below: 

Please check some of the accounts via myfxbook links as proof:

Account #1 capital $459.6  https://tinyurl.com/SmartWK2

Account # 2 capital  $3,331  https://tinyurl.com/JoeSmartWK2

Account # 3 capital $497.47  https://tinyurl.com/JulzSmartWK2

Account # 4 capital $4,708.79  https://tinyurl.com/ZapSmartWK2

How to Join PKS EA Enhanced Settings?

        1. Create an Exness broker account using this link:

Click to register  https://one.exness-track.com/a/7iiq2mzd72

  1. Dont forget to place this partner code: 7iiq2mzd72

Account Type: Standard Cent (Real)

Trading Platform: MT4

Leverage: 1:2000

Currency: USD

Minimum Deposit: $100 (Required for Cent Account)

 Proof of Performance:

PKS EA Exness Standard Cent:

(Trading only in Gold)

$30 capital small fund https://www.myfxbook.com/members/XMforextrader/pks-ea-capital-3012/9700417/FKFzZG8dIOIZENpwiNUL

$3400++ capital

Big fund https://www.myfxbook.com/members/XMforextrader/pks-ea/9735731/Irc4WuLrMpSuVhFQXmqq

$100 capital

PKS $100 capital Check out my performance: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/XMforextrader/pks-ea-capital-10011/9701226


FOREX trading is a high-risk, high-reward online opportunity. Your capital is at risk. Past performance is not an indicator of future results. This is not financial advice.  You should not trade borrowed money or money that you can’t afford to lose.